With this platform, you can generate certificate from the system with a very easy to use form. You can print the same on your letterhead and issue it to the vehicle owner. These certificates are stored and available to you for re-issue and business analysis in the future. The most unique feature of the system is generation of QR Code. For every certificate, system generates a unique QR code. You can print it and stick it on the compliance plate or can generate a image file for your plate maker to get it printed on the plate or can even print directly on the plate if you have in-house facility to make plates. When anyone scans the QR code from the plate on their mobile phone, it will show the certificate on the mobile. So any authority or gas station can check the compliance along with an advantage to the vehicle owner as they don't have to carry the original certificate every day.

QR code can be scanned from any mobile phone having any QR code scanner application which is now-a-days available on every phone. All these applications are available free to download and install.

We are not changing anything in terms of CNG Hydro testing. So we are not replacing any compliance process. This is just an added facility which will be very convenient for the authority and the vehicle owner both. For the testing agency, it gives better control on certificate issue by minimizing manual errors in certification generation and getting renewal reminders thus generating business leads.

Today the authority is physically checking the certificate which is very time consuming and inefficient. With our system, they just have to scan the QR code and it's done! It is a very optimal use of technology which help saving time and energy of the officials. Government of India is also encouraging to Go Digital, so this is a step towards the same.

Today the vehicle owner have to carry the physical certificate daily which is a cause of concern as it is prone to wear & tear, misplaced, theft and authorities may not validate it because of the poor condition of the physical document. So with this system, they need to necessarily carry the physical certificate as the QR code on the plate is having the certificate stored digitally!

It is very much advisable to talk to the authority, explain the system to them along with benefits. It always make sense to work in sync with the authority and gas stations as an union so that there will not be any scope of executing issues at the later stage.

Benefits are many such as error free certificate generation, customer loyalty, business leads as a part of notification system and reports, cross business generation such as vehicle insurance, re-issue of certificate, generation of QR code for existing customers and above all control of your business from a single system.

Yes! Just on a click of a button.

Yes! Very much possible as the system is having a separate module to perform this action.

Yes! You can generate QR codes in advance for sticker designing, etc. and can link it with the vehicle during certification stage.

You think of it and the system is having it! You will get reports like daily/monthly/periodic testing done, certificate views, customer details, renewal report and so on.

It's simple as it is not location dependent. You can create multiple users to access the system. If you have different company only, then you will have to get a separate license.

Not at all. You will not be able to access any client or certificate of any one other than yours.

None! That's the beauty as it is on cloud and you just need a PC with internet access, open your internet browser and you are ON!

There is not huge cost attached to it for entire application development, maintenance, support, web hosting, training, data backups and so on. This system is available on SaaS (Software as a Service) model which is like subscription and it will cost just Rs. 20000 + GST p.a.

Yes, a remote training will be provided to your team.

We have a dedicated team for support & maintenance.

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